Frequently Asked Questions

Your purchase comes with your neon, power source, dimmer, remote control, installation instructions and hanging kit.

The life of neon tubing depends on how much and how often it is used.

The LED tubes which we use usually last 50,000 hours (5-6 years) if used appropriately.

If you want to dust or clean your neon creation, always be sure to unplug the neon first. Then, use a feather duster or a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust from the tubing and fixtures.

The majority of neon signs that we supply are for internal use and come mounted on an acrylic panel (making them easily portable), complete with a regular 110V plug which can be plugged into an accessible outlet. The sign simply needs to be fixed onto the wall, or suspended from a steel wire or clear nylon string. “Hardwired” Neon signs and some large professional neon signs may require specialist installation.

Our customized neon sign starts from $289 and our customized wedding neon sign starts from $299.

Your neon sign won’t get hot. It may get slightly warm to the touch but would not burn you. If a neon sign has been manufactured correctly, and supplied with the correct size of transformer for the amount of neon tubes, then the tubes should not get hot.


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